Urbanears Zinken DJ Headphone Jet Black (1006678-BLK)

697SEK / st.
995 SEK / st.
10 year anniversary special release.

It´s been 10 years since Urbanears released the Zinken headphone, and in 2023 it is back by popular demand - updated and improved but with the same bold yet minimalistic aesthetics. Zinken is the go-to headphone for the DJ community, and features all you need to perform as a DJ.

This is a well-balanced headphone with loud and clear sound, making it the perfect tool in the DJ booth. Wired with a reversible TurnCable there is no need to worry about adaptors. The tough yet flexible on-ear construction feel comfy, no matter how long and rowdy your gig gets.

- Made from recycled plastic
- Deep bass, and crisp mids and highs
- Reversible coiled TurnCable, 3,5 mm/6,3 mm plug
- Collapsible
- Comes with PalPlug (input/output port for sharing music, so you can play back to back with other DJs)
- Replaceable cushions
- Control button for skip or repeat tracks and pick up calls
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