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British headwear brand Kangol was founded in the 1920´s by Polish-born Jakob Henryk Spreiregen. During World War II, Kangol was the main beret supplier for the British Army. Later, in the 1960´s, Kangol added designers Pierre Cardin and Mary Quant to its roster, who started designing hats for those in the know, such as the Beatles and even the late Princess Diana. The celebrity exposure then caught the attention of the U.S. market.

In the 80s Kangol was catapulted into the hip hop scene. The first notable rapper to have ever worn the iconic Kangol bucket hat was LL Cool J. LL was known for always rocking the freshest headgear, and the Kangol hat was a game-changer.

Contrary to popular belief, no Kangol hat has ever come from Australia, even though there is a kangaroo used in the logo. K is for “knitting”, ANG is for “Angora” (a kind of wool), and OL is for “wool”.